This page contains links to other websites. Please note that Open Door Baptist Church may not agree with everything found on these sites, but we’ve tried to only include sites that we would endorse.


Bible Baptist Missions, Inc.
Based out of Pensacola, Florida, Bible Baptist Missions stands strongly for the King James 1611 as the Word of God.

Baptist Mid-Missions
Originally a mission endeavor to reach Africa, Baptist Mid-Missions now has over 1,000 missionaries in 50 countries around the world. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio and have Gary Anderson as their current President.

Baptist International Missions, Inc.
One of the larger Baptist mission boards, they are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Word for the World Baptist Missions
“Reaching the world…through the local church.” Based in Rossville, Georgia, this mission board is strongly for the local Baptist church.


Pensacola Bible Institute
Founded by Peter S. Ruckman, Pensacola Bible Institute is located in Pensacola, Florida and takes a very strong stand for the King James Bible and the historical Baptist faith.


Chick Tracts
Jack Chick’s little comic book tracts have crisscrossed the world taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is very strong on the King James Bible. On his website, he now sells books, movies, and posters.

Fellowship Tract League
“All tracts free as the Lord provides.” That has been Fellowship Tract League’s motto since 1978. Since then, Wash Pennington’s church ministry has published over 2.8 billion tracts in 70 different languages!

Bearing Precious Seed
Bearing Precious Seed is a ministry of First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio, under Pastor Bill Duttry. Working with 87 “seedline” churches, this ministry provides “the Gospel at no cost to a world in desperate need through the local church” in 42 languages by printing scripture portions containing The Gospel of John & The Book of Romans.


Bible Baptist Publications
Pastor James L. Melton has assembled a small host of articles and booklets that refute the attacks on the King James Bible. Especially useful is his pamphlet “Fighting Back!” for Bible-Believers.
This site stands whole-heartedly for the King James Bible. There is much useful information here. They also have tracts and Bibles.

Bible Truth
Started by missionary Pastor Cooper Abrams, III in Utah, this site has much useful information about the King James Bible. There are also some great sites about Mormonism.

A Friend to Churches Ministries
The ministry of Samuel Gipp, this website serves as a portal to Brother Gipp’s many articles defending the King James Bible. His speaking itinerary is listed, and he also has a substantial online bookstore.

The King James Bible Page
Another very useful site about the ongoing attack on God’s Word. Well done, very thorough. Includes some helpful charts and a newsletter.


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