Open Door Baptist Church

Robert Butterfield is the pastor and founder of Open Door Baptist Church. In September of 2001, he began Open Door Baptist Church under the direction of God's Holy Spirit and with the faithful companionship of his wonderful wife, Allyson.

Pastor and Founder Robert Butterfield with his faithful wife, Allyson

Our congregation met for a year and a half in the gymnasium of a local school. Then, the Lord blessed us again, allowing us to move into a storefront on Mayfair Road, which we renovated into a very serviceable building. Our Lord blessed us with many great times in that building, and quite a few souls were saved!

Our former building on Mayfair Rd.

Words cannot express how overwhelmed we are by the Lord allowing us to now have our own building. Surely, He has blessed us!

Our new building

Even our children were involved with the new building. Here are some helping out at the groundbreaking ceremony.


When Pastor Butterfield began Open Door, it was with the intention of having a church built upon the Word of God, the King James Bible of 1611, that truly lifted up the Lord Jesus Christ. Teaching and preaching straight from the Bible are the norm. Personal devotions and Bible verse memorization are encouraged.

The Good News (or Gospel) that God became a man and died in our place for our sins so that we could be forgiven is foundational to Open Door Baptist Church. Being saved or born-again isn't about getting religious; it is about becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus. Because we have known the grace of Jesus Christ in saving our own souls, we feel compelled to see that others also learn of the free pardon of sin that can only be found in God's only begotten Son. This motivation is found in all our ministries.

Before our Lord Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, He left His Church with the commandment to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel..."

Our Lord has graciously allowed us to support, as of December 2011, over 50 missionaries! We love missions -- It is the heartbeat of God! We like to say, "The sun never sets on the ministry of Open Door Baptist Church."

Also out of our church is Brother Stan Hill, who heads up the Christian Laymen's Council. This very important ministry seeks to aid churches in locating qualified, called-of-God preachers.